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Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad, 2007 — Tasks, Solutions and Data

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The first Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad took place on Saturday 12 May 2007 with 359 participants from 14 delegations, and was hosted by Australia. Follow this link for full results and statistics!

The tasks from APIO 2007 can be downloaded in PDF format below:

TranslationTask Descriptions
Official EnglishDownload PDF
ChinaDownload PDF
Chinese TaipeiDownload PDF
IndonesiaDownload PDF
JapanDownload PDF
KoreaDownload PDF
ThailandDownload PDF

Brief solutions for the three tasks.

The official APIO test data can be downloaded from the table below. For each problem there is a zip file, containing the input and output files for each test case.

For some problems, some test cases are weighted more heavily than others. Each zip file contains a file called WEIGHTS.txt, which lists the weight assigned to each test case.

TaskTest Data
1. Mobiles mobiles.zip 
2. Backup backup.zip 
3. Zoo zoo.zip 

The judging machine used for APIO 2007 was an Intel(R) Xeon(TM) running at 2.40GHz.