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Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad, 2008 — Tasks, Solutions and Data

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The second Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad took place on Saturday 10 May 2008, and was hosted by Thailand. The official site is at http://www.apio2008.or.th/.

Here are the official results.

The tasks from APIO 2008 can be downloaded in PDF format below:

TranslationCoversheetTask Descriptions
Official EnglishCoversheetDownload PDF
China Download PDF
Chinese Taipei Download PDF
IndonesiaCoversheetDownload PDF
JapanCoversheetDownload PDF
KoreaCoversheetDownload PDF
Macao, China Download PDF
ThailandCoversheetDownload PDF

Host country report and solutions.

The official APIO test data can be downloaded from the table below. For each problem there is a zip file, containing the input and output files for each test case.

TaskTest Data
1. Beads beads.zip 
2. Roads roads.zip 
3. DNA dna.zip 

Some additional notes: