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Problem: Fragrance

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The World of Fragrance

Output Only Task

Input File:
Output File: fragrance.k.out
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After some disappointing job experiences in the world of finance, you have decided to put your skills to a better use in the field of perfumery, where you now help to create the most exquisite perfumes. Creating new scents is an art that involes trying many different combinations of ingredients, and then using the perfumer's sense of smell to rate each new fragrance obtained.

Your new job is to help well trained perfumers save time, by generating only combinations of ingredients that are likely to smell good. You have collected data by asking the best noses in the world to rate various combinations of two ingredients at a time. Your theory is that if every pair of ingredients in a perfume smells good, then the perfume is likely to smell good overall.

You are provided with a total of N ingredients (numbered from 1 to N), and a list of P pairs of distinct ingredients with their corresponding ratings. A positive rating for a pair indicates a good smell, whereas a negative rating indicates a bad smell. Pairs of ingredients that have never been tested by experts are not listed and should be considered neutral, with a rating of 0.

The perfumers wish to create a new scent consisting of precisely K ingredients. Your task is to select a set of K distinct ingredients so that the sum of the ratings of every possible pair within this set is as high as possible. Note that you are not necessarily required to find the optimal solution. See the Scoring section for more details.



You are given ten input files, named (1 <= M <= 10).

The first line of each input file will contain the integers N K P, as described above. Each of the P remaining lines of the input file will contain three integers, Ai Bi Ri, indicating that the pair of ingredients (Ai, Bi) has been given the rating of Ri by the experts. It is guaranteed that Ai ≠ Bi for every such pair, and that no pair will be listed more than once.


For each input file, you are required to produce a corresponding output file fragrance.M.out that describes your set of ingredients.

This output file should consist of precisely K+1 lines. The first line must contain a single integer, the total of the ratings for all possible pairs of ingredients within your set. The next K lines must each contain a single integer describing one of the K distinct ingredients in your set.

Sample Input

5 3 7
1 2 12
1 3 10
1 5 -3
2 4 -2
2 5 -8
3 5 17
4 5 5

Sample Output



In this example, you have five ingredients at your disposal, and must create a perfume using three of them. Seven pairs of these ingredients have been rated by experts, with ratings ranging -8 to 17.

The best possible set for this example is the combination of ingredients 1, 3 and 5. All three possible pairs within this set have been rated by experts: (1, 3) with a rating of 10, (1, 5) with a rating of -3, and (3, 5) with a rating of 17, giving a total rating of 10 - 3 + 17 = 24.


There is no particular "best solution" that you are required to achieve. Instead, your score will be determined relative to the other contestants whom you are competing against (as well as the judges' solution). It is guaranteed that there will be at least one solution with a positive overall rating for each input scenario.

For each input scenario, the contestant who achieves the largest overall rating will be identified. Suppose that this contestant achieves a perfume with overall rating r. Your score for this input scenario will then be:

Your score = 10 + 90  x  (your result / best result)^5

For example, consider an input scenario for which the best solution finds a set with overall rating 40. Then the scoring scale for a correct solution would be as follows:

Overall rating 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
Score 10% 10% 10% 10% 12% 18% 31% 56% 100%

Submitting for an Output Only Task

To submit your output files, you must do the following:

The website will look inside the zip file and ensure that the output files are named correctly, although it will not check the formatting or layout of these files.

If you resubmit a different zip file, the old zip file will be deleted. For instance, suppose you submit a zip file with solutions to the first five scenarios, and later on you find a solution to the sixth. Your new submission must contain all six output files, since when you submit your new solutions the old ones will be thrown away.

Please email if you have any questions about this procedure.


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